About Me

I won't put a picture up, but "She" is Rebecca Winson. I'm currently a web editor for the independent travel publishers Duncan Petersen Publishing, as well as a freelance writer. My articles appear in various online publications including the modern feminist site runninginheels.co.uk and the now sadly defunct Se7en.

I hold a 2.1 BA (Hons) in English Literature and Language from Royal Holloway college, University of London, where I specialised in the works of Jack Kerouac and Feminist Literature.

This blog is more for my own use than anyone else's: since leaving university I need something which keeps me intellectually stimulated. Hopefully, though I'll write some interesting things on interesting books in a sort of interesting way, and a few people will enjoy it. I also intend it to be a sort of rough showcase of my writing and web editing skills.